Hello world!

Hello World, indeed!

I had whole list of things that I was blissfully and ignorantly looking forward to just popping into a template for you to enjoy and maybe even think about. Now I am fed up with the entire blogging process and ready to sign off. No one told me that I had to be a computer genius in order to do this. My web host gives fabulous 24/7 support,  but they may already be tired of me. I couldn’t even log without help. What you see right now is where I plan to leave this until I can figure out a few more tricks.

People are always saying to me (and to most bloggers and writers, I suspect) that I should start a blog. Well, here it is.  Let’s hope that I am better at the content than at the decorations!

I have to give credit for the name of this blog to a friend. She suggested it after I whined to her about the names that I wanted not being available. So much for creativity.

The more I thought about this title though, the more I liked it. Despite the fact that I am an introvert, I am a pretty noisy person. I grew up in a noisy family. My pets are noisy. I am always listening to the sounds around me, especially what people say, and how they say it. I also have a marked talent to tune out things that I do not want to hear (like those times when my introversion drives me to recharge and solitude is not really an option).

A lot of noise means more options. You can choose to read or not. I also love sights, so maybe I’ll even post some of the thousands of photos I have taken throughout my somewhat interesting existence.

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